Interlude x1 Retail

Inspired by the original Lineage 2 game and private servers like
Reborn, L2 II, BrThunder, Classic-club, Horyu, Elmore Lab and the official Lineage 2 Bartz server where the legend [DVP] played,
We decided to create L2 of Dreams for all community roots, passing on retro OLD SCHOOL gameplay.

Classic CLient

Auto Farm Free

NPC Full Buff 3° Job


Construimos um servidor com taxas mais aceleradas, mecânicas diversas mas com essência e competitividade do low rate

x1 XP & SP

Shop retail

3° Job Full Buffs npc

Auto farm free

retail drops

Zonas Retail

Item Craft

Weekly Sieges

Mana potion 15s

Players Buffs 2h

Players RMT

Joias Boss Retail

quest retail

1, 2 JOB NPC

quest sub & nobles

No donate Item


Full Client

Don’t have the game or are having problems?
Download the full game from the following links:


Discover everything that happened in our first opening and stay up to date with everything that's to come in our second season!

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