Interlude x33 Retail

Play the new season on the biggest interlude server in Brazil

December 1th / 19:00 GMT -3

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We built a server with faster rates, different mechanics but with the essence and competitiveness of low rate


x33 Experience

x33 Skill Points

Adena Low

Drops Low

Raid Boss x1

GM Shop

Grade D/C/B


Craft Materials

Quest Items

NPC Buffer

Duration: 8 Hours.

Basic Buffs: Free

3ª Job Scroll Buff NPC: 100k

Quest Class NPC:

1° Job: Free
2° Job: Free
3° Job: 5kk Adena + 20 Arena Coin

Start Pack Free

No-Grade Itens

Blessed & Soulshot NG/D

Scroll Buff 3° Job Mage & Fighter

Subclasse Quest

Red Pipete Knife (Hit Baium Sold NPC)

NPC Price: Pipete Knife, 100kk Adena & 30 Arena Coin

Noblesse Quest

NPC Price: 200kk Adena & 30 Arena Coin Necklace of Goddess: Ever Green
Ring of Goddess: Waterbinder

Baium Quest

Blooded Fabric
NPC Price: 15kk Adena & 5 Arena Coin

Valakas Quest

Floating Stone
NPC Price: 15kk Adena & 5 Arena Coin

Antharas Quest

Portal Stone
NPC Price: 15kk Adena & 5 Arena Coin

Frintezza Quest

Frintezza’s Magic Force Field
NPC Price: 15kk Adena & 5 Arena Coin

Quest Retail 1x

Auto Learned Skill

2 Box Free HWID

Grade A/S Craft & Drops


Full Game

Don’t have the full game or have never played Arena War?
Download our full game via the link below

patch server

If you have already played Arena War x1 and still own our game download
just our system with updater to start your game



Learn more about our server through videos from our community across all of our seasons.

Play Video
Play Video
Play Video
Play Video

Starter Packs

Secure your pack now to maximize your gameplay and accelerate your earnings!

Basic Package


No-Grade Weapons/Armors/Jewels
20 Scroll Buff 3 Jobs Mage/Fighter 8hrs
15k SoulShots No/D-Grade
50 Mana Potion
50 Potions HP


Preferred Package


Coupons Grade-D Weapons/Armors/Jewels
15k SoulShots Grade- D/NG
100 Mana Potion
100 Potions HP
1 Premium ACC = 30 Arena Coin

BRL 35,00

Complete Package


Coupons Grade- C Weapons/Armors/Jewels
15k SoulShots Grade – C/D/NG
200 Mana Potion
200 Potions HP
1 Premium ACC = 30 Arena coin

BRL 49,90